The Greatest Spectacle in Dog Walking

April 29, 2017 | Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Mutt Strut 2017

 From the streets of Houston, Texas to my condo in Indianapolis, Indiana, this dog has seen it all!
From the streets of Houston, Texas to my condo in Indianapolis, Indiana, this dog has seen it all!

HOUSTON, we have a problem!





Here’s My Story



     This white ball of fluff was found when I was working at the Houston Marathon in Texas in January 2015. While I was walking down the sidewalk to my hotel, I spotted him. A homeless lady was holding him wrapped in a jacket. He was so cute lying there; I had to pet him. I asked her if she would mind if I got him some treats from the store next to us, and she gladly said yes. While inside, I tried to talk myself out of asking the lady to purchase her furry friend. Mission NOT accomplished. I bought the little guy for $40 and snuck him into my hotel room. He smelled very unpleasant so I decided to bathe him in my hotel bathtub. My heart broke when I saw that his fleas were so bad he was bleeding and had dried blood matted into his fur. While in Texas, he received his shots, flea medication and all the tests he needed. He was grossly underweight and the tests later revealed he had heartworm. I flew the little guy home with me and got his heartworm treated. With much thought, I decided to name him Houston so he would always remember where he came from! He is now living with his fellow canine buddy, Vito and his two favorite felines, Oliver and Oscar. He is the most happy, loving, adorable dog and I can’t wait for him to participate in his first Mutt Strut!




Get Involved


     Houston is so excited to help animals in need, but he needs your help! You can join our efforts to create a better life for thousands of animals by registering to walk with me or giving a much-appreciated donation on my behalf. Even a $5 donation can really help the deserving pets at the shelter.


Interesting Facts About IndyHumane 



     Since 1905 the Humane Society of Indianapolis has been caring for homeless pets in hopes of giving them a better life and a forever home. All animals are spayed/neutered and microchipped before being placed on the adoption floor. I was shocked to learn that IndyHuman is a private, nonprofit organization that receives NO public or private funding. They receive NO tax money, United Way funds, or regular contributions from other animal-welfare organizations, such as the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States or PETA. IndyHumane is runs solely off of contributions, grants, bequests, investments, adoption fees and other fees for services. It is a no kill shelter, meaning no animal is put down because of space, time or length of stay.

How Your Donation Could Apply

• $10 – microchip one animal
• $25 – provide adoption counseling to find forever homes
• $60 – spay/neuter one animal
• $100 – provide necessary dental cleaning for one animal
• $250 – fund blood work & urinalysis for an older animal
• $500 – pay to x-ray & splint a broken leg
• $2,000 – feed all the fur babies in the shelter for one month

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