Mutt Strut 2015

Registration for Mutt Strut 2015 is now open!

Use the links on the right to register as a team or as an individual, or to donate to the event, a team, or an individual participant.




Registration packets will not be mailed to homes this year.
Registration packets will be made available for pick up at the following locations:

• Indianapolis City Market - 222 E. Market St., Indianapolis, IN, 46204
Thursday, April 9 to Saturday, April 11 from 11am-5pm

• IU North Hospital - 11700 North Meridian St, Carmel, IN 46032
Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11 from 11am-5pm 

• On-Site at Mutt Strut 2015
Saturday, April 25, beginning at 10:00am

 Details will be included with your confirmation email.
Please see the FAQ section for more information regarding this change. 



Check out who's in the lead!

Look to the right to see who's leading the race to the Yard of Bricks! You'll see both the top individual fundraisers (in competition to become Top Dog 2016) as well as the top pack (in competition to win a day in an IMS suite during Indy 500 practice)! 


Want to zoom to the front?

If you want to see your name or your Pack's name at the top of this list, keep on fundraising! Check out our super-easy fundraising tips and learn why your fundraising matters. Or, try one of these quick tips below to help you get started!

  • Ask 10 friends for $10, or ask them to skip a lunch out or their usual coffee run for a week
  • Set out an IndyHumane donation box at your desk - get yours by emailing!
  • Ask your company if you can have a jeans day or a bake sale with your co-workers; "sign-up" for jeans day can be a $5 donation per person…it will add up quickly
  • Mention you are part of Mutt Strut on Facebook, Twitter and other social media with a link to the Mutt Strut homepage or the donate page; people can search for you and donate in your name
  • Enter the Top Dog contest; your dog could be the Mutt Strut 2015 Ambassadog! After you register for the event, log into the participant center to upload a photo of your dog and ask all your friends and family to support your adorable dog
  • Check with your employer’s HR representative to see if your company offers matching gift funds to double your donation, or see if you can make a quick pitch at your next team meeting
  • Once you register, use the email function within the participant center to ask family and friends for their support
  • Download our offline donation tracking form and keep it with you at all times – you never know who you might see in your day

Remember, there are also some great incentives to recognize you for your fundraising efforts!


Why does your fundraising matter?

Your fundraising matters because you are saving lives! Every year, thousands and thousands of animals are put down in Central Indiana and you’re doing your part to help save these animals' lives.

Since 2012, IndyHumane has taken in nearly 14,000 animals, and each of these animals are given an average of $600-$800 in care. All animals are given a thorough medical exam, spayed or neutered as necessary, microchipped, and temperament-tested to make sure they are physically and mentally ready to be adopted. We are the only shelter in the state with a fully staffed medical team and surgery suite, allowing us to care for animals that come to our shelter, as well as animals who need help from other shelters and rescue groups. We believe every animal’s life is worth saving, and any funds that you raise DO make a difference!

We receive no tax dollars from our local or state governments, nor do we receive regular contirbutions from national organizations such as the Humane Society of United States. Your fundraising is so important to us! We are so appreciative that you’re involved – and our animals are, too!

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